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How would your life be different if you

  • Had a new level of confidence because you knew your body was strong and healthy?
  • Stopped obsessing about food all the time?
  • Let go of the guilt and shame and enjoyed your food and meal experiences? 
  • Ended the battle with food and your body once and for all?
  • Felt beautiful on the inside and out as you walked out of the house every day
  • Experienced emotional and physical freedom like never before?


The BE Program Co Founders - Dr Nardozzi and Dr MayIf you’re feeling as if you are the only one who wonders, “Why do I overeat, especially when I don’t really want to?” you’re not alone.  

After a combined 25 years of working with clients, one thing we know for sure is DIETS DON’T WORK.

There is a different way to eat and more importantly,
a different way to live.

We’re here to help you discover that different way to eat and live.


In this dynamic curriculum, you’ll discover the root cause of your food issues and address them so you stop over eating and
start intentional living. 

You will get to the bottom of what’s really eating you, because what we feel in our lives carries over to how we eat.  How we feel
about who we are… how valuable we are…and how fully alive we are, or are not, carries over to how we eat.

While this food and body struggle can feel dreadful at times, and perhaps all the time, there really is a hidden message coming
from this behavior that we must discover.

The way you are eating is just a way to get you to be honest with yourself, but you have to put your energy beyond the food
and get deeper into how you feel and why.

This is why it’s called Emotional Eating. This is why it’s called Stress Eating.


Because it’s not just about what you are eating…
It’s truly about how you are FEELING.

By signing up for our FREE Food Assessment, you will learn exactly how you are dealing with food in your life.

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