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Hear the Whispers!

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Body and food struggles aren’t just overwhelming, they are confusing and despairing! We bet that you feel like you have tried everything! Maybe it feels like nothing has worked or worked in a lasting way for you…. Consider this. Perhaps the methods that you have tried, have not really even gotten to the core of [...]

Weathering the Storm!

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We hope everybody who was affected by Hurricane Irma, weathered this experience as well as possible. Thankfully, the Aliveness Team is all well and are feeling very grateful at this moment for this. Listen to Dr. Jen’s video message from just a couple of days ago about the importance of practicing the Aliveness principles especially [...]

Find Your Freedom!

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The BE Program - Dr Stephanie May

Team Alive wants you to support you in finding the freedom from your food and body image struggles and the obstacles that seem to be taking over your life. Find Your Freedom! Hi, everyone, it’s Dr. May. Happy fourth of July weekend to you. I hope that you are spending this holiday weekend in the [...]

Fix Your Food Struggle NOW!

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The BE Program - Dr Stephanie May

Fix Your Food Struggle NOW! Hi, I’m Dr. May. I’m one of the founders of the Aliveness Programs and I want to personally invite you to join us for our upcoming Conscious Eating course because this program will change your food and body struggles for good. I’m able to say that so confidently because I [...]

Do you LOVE your body?

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Dr Jen Nardozzi

Some days, looking in the mirror and loving how you look is TOUGH! Body image is something countless women around the world struggle with. Loving your body is an ongoing relationship that requires work! Watch Dr. Jen’s video to learn new ways to create positive body image for yourself to gain a sense of peace and gratitude within. Hi everybody, Dr. Jen [...]