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Retreat September 12-13, Course Sept. 16 – Oct. 25

We know that you have been out in the world working, giving, and doing for just about….well, everyone else. And we also know that you have WANTED to be generous in this way.

But quietly you are also wondering, “When will it be my time?” And just “How much untapped potential do I have?”

If you were to ask anyone else “out there”, the public perception would probably be that you are incredibly successful and perhaps even confident.

But what they don’t know “out there” is that there is some thing (or things) that you are deeply aching for.

Something is missing and it hurts.

You feel the sadness, you feel the sorrow, and it runs deep.

Have you said to yourself recently:

  • I have it all together in so many ways, but why not the ways that matter most to me?
  • Why is there this stubborn area of my life that is just not working out?
  • I know I’m capable of more but just don’t know where to begin to really go for it
  • I’ve lost so much time already and I’m missing out on my life!
  • I want to be in love!
  • I feel stuck in my body and want desperately to be vibrant and energized!


Although almost everyone experiences some kind of struggle with creating the life they desire, this is different for you because you KNOW something greater is possible. It’s the thing that you think about all the time, and it would mean the world to you to fulfill on this desire.

It would mean the world to you to remove the barriers like fear, low self esteem, or food and body struggles, which have robbed you of the real quality life you crave.

There is more for you, and you just need the right guidance and instruction on how to get there.

This is exactly why we have created Intentional Living: an in-person workshop and 7 week course where we will show you:

~ WHY you are getting stuck where you are,

~ HOW to get untethered from your struggles for good and

~ WHAT to do about it going forward so you create life as you imagined it to be.

We admire your drive and we admire your enthusiasm.
YOU are exactly the woman we specialize in assisting.

Women who are asking for more…Women who are hungry for more!

Women who are ready to jump in fully…Women who want their Aliveness!


Within this course, you will receive:

  • 2-day Live Weekend Retreat in Miami, Florida (September 12th-13th ) filled with experiential exercises, goal setting sessions, and community inspiration ($1997 value)
  • 6-week Course & 1 Week Follow-up (starting September 16th ) with live engaging sessions where you learn the habits of living an intentional life and begin to practice these habits in the areas that are most important to you with expert guidance.
  • 6 Steps to Intentional Living only ever revealed to our private clients ($1997 value)
  • Map for Achieving Your Goals, both short term and long term
  • Community of Like-Minded Women from around the globe who speak the language of transformation
  • Weekly Accountability Calls with an intimate small group so you hit the mark on your goals
  • Expert Guidance from the founders of Aliveness Dr. May & Dr. Jen

All for just $1750!

Start Living with ALIVENESS Now!
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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the dates and times of the retreat?

Saturday 9/12 and Sunday 9/13 from 9-5pm each day.

What exactly do we do at the in person retreat In Miami, Florida?

For 2 weekend days, Dr May and Dr. Jen will meet with you and an intimate group of other women from all over the world. During this experience you will be introduced to the 6 Habits of Intentional Living and will begin to map out how to apply these habits to the most important areas of your life. Many women aren’t 100% clear about the areas they most want or need to improve, but this weekend retreat will help you clarify the most meaningful areas for you to work on so that your life gets developed in the richest way possible for you.

Furthermore, through group interactions and activities, you will begin to see yourself through a very clear lens. The group experience becomes a microcosm of your bigger world, but this time, you have expert observers and guidance to assist you to see where your fears and limitations rise up and keep you stuck. With this awareness, Dr May, Dr Jen, and the Aliveness group can then assist you to overcome them so you yield different results in your life.
Group retreats are particularly powerful because they take the work out of your head, and move it deep into your bones. This has your learning live inside of you and it makes it unforgettable.

Where is the retreat being held?

Miami, Florida (Zoom option available)- Location To Be Announced


What are the hotels near the retreat location?

The Colonnade Coral Gables

The Courtyard by Marriott

How will meals be handled at the retreat? 

Lunch option will be provided on the first day of the retreat. On the second day, you will have lunch at a local restaurant with your peer mentor leader and your small group.

What if I can’t attend the retreat in person?

While we encourage all participants to attend in person to get the full benefit of the retreat, we understand that there may be unavoidable circumstances. There is a Zoom option to participate in the retreat.

What is the schedule for the rest of the course?

Mondays from 8-9:00pm will be the live interactive webinars where you will be learning and practicing the Aliveness principles to fulfill on the life you want to create.

Small Group Calls weekly calls with a mentor to discuss your progress on the application of principles and how your created life plan (from retreat) is progressing.

Weekly Reading & Homework assigned each week we will be reading the intentional living guidebook developed by Dr. Jen and Dr. May. In this guidebook you will be learning the principles of Intentional Living and completing personal homework and exercises to apply in your own life.

Daily Interaction With Your Community each day you will be connecting with the Aliveness Team and your community on our private Facebook page. Thoughful questions and homework will also be addressed on this forum. This is a space to share your challenges and victories with what you’re creating in your life.