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Step Three in Making a Major Shift!

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We want to ask you to answer a couple of questions as you watch todays video.

If we ask you to describe your relationship with food and your body, what would you say?

Your relationship with food should be one of your closest relationships, think about your closest personal relationship, and how you would describe that. Now think again about your relationship with food and how you describe that. Are they positive relationships?

The relationship you have with food should be supportive, nourishing, easy, and consistant. Just the way you would want your closest personal relationships. We don’t want either of these relationships to be full of struggles, ups and downs, chaos, and drama. We need to give ourselves some grace.

Step 3) Leaning Into Compassion – This step is all about learning to be more compassionate with this process. Stop being so rigid and critical of yourself and your eating habits, learning to give yourself more grace as you make the changes at your own speed and truly adopt a new lifestyle and approach to food.

When there is chaos in your relationship with food, it is hard to live in your full Aliveness, because how we eat mirrors how we live.

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In Support of Your Journey,

Team Alive

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