Have you recently thought:

  • I’m tired of saying such mean things to myself, but so unhappy when I look in the mirror!
  • I can’t stand the thought of spending money on yet another diet/program that won’t work!
  • I’m not fully living because I feel stuck in a body that I don’t like and want desperately to change
  • Will this constant battle with food and my body ever end?
  • Life is passing me by, I’m missing out on it, and it’s not okay anymore!

What’s really puzzling, when it comes to this battle with food, is that you are confident and committed in so many other areas of your life.  However, you know deep down that this one area, which always seems to trip you up, is preventing you from living the full, sexy, juicy life you really desire.  The kind of life that has you excited to get out of bed every morning, just to see what amazing things might happen.

How would your life be different if you:

  • Had a new level of confidence because you knew your body was strong and healthy?
  • Stopped obsessing about food all the time?
  • Let go of the guilt and shame and enjoyed your food and meal experiences?
  • Ended the battle with food and your body once and for all?
  • Feeling beautiful inside and out as you walked out of the house every day?
  • Experienced emotional and physical freedom like never before?

If you’re feeling as if you are the only one who wonders, “Why do I overeat, especially when I don’t really want to?” you’re not alone.  After over a decade of working with clients, one thing we know for sure is diets don’t work.

There is a different way to eat and more importantly,
a different way to live.

It’s time to put body shame away FOR GOOD!

All of this can truly happen when you begin conscious eating and move into a powerful awakening of why you do what you do when it comes to food.   This is some of the most empowering work you will ever do, but you need someone who has been there to guide you through the process. Not only have we personally been there, for the past twenty-five years combined, we have dedicated our professional careers to assisting women just like you.

That’s why we are proud to announce:

 Nourish Your Aliveness


 In this dynamic program, you’ll discover the root cause of your food issues and address them so you stop compulsive eating and start intentional living.

What is included in the Nourish Your Aliveness program?

When you join us in “Nourish”, you will receive an actual demonstration with Dr. Jen and Dr. May that will walk you through how to consciously eat so you can begin a new relationship with food today.

This package will include:

  • Training Video that reveals to our “secret process”- only before shared with participants of our signature course (a $1497 value)
  • Audio recording guiding you through a conscious eating experience that you can download onto your phone and use every time before you eat so you create results now.
  • Step-by step guide to conscious eating that you can print and carry around with you to use with meals-on-the-go.
  • Worksheet providing you with the 6 steps that will change how you understand and then deal with your food urges for good.
  • $100 Bonus Coupon you can apply to our 6 week Signature Course: Journey to Aliveness: Conscious Eating

We know that there is a whole new way of living, which will give you a life you never thought possible when you break the cycle of overeating and food and body shame.

The best version of you is waiting to emerge!

Your life is too precious to waste it obsessing about food and constantly beating yourself up over your eating.   Wouldn’t it be great to finally be free from all of that?

If you’re ready to stop all the drama with food, release the negative feelings associated with it and start living powerfully and on purpose, then it’s time for you to Nourish!

NOURISH your heart and soul & discover the amazing person you are and always have been.

NOURISH the “real” you by making peace
with your body and food. 

Nourish You for Only $97

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Still wondering if this is for you?  Maybe this will help.

How do I know this program is for me?

  • You are tired of sitting on the sidelines of your life and are ready to take center stage
  • You know you are holding back from going after the things you really want because of body shame and fear of rejection
  • You want to have the energy you need to have productive days
  • You are ready to stop the obsessive thoughts and overeating for good

If that resonates with you, then you are ready to NOURISH all the new possibilities that will result from creating new and lasting eating habits and patterns.

Take control of your life
with conscious eating and intentional living.

Don’t wait any longer!

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