Are you tired of the daily struggle with your food and weight?

After working with clients for over 25 years combined, one thing we know for sure is diets don’t work.  Lasting change with your weight can only truly happen when when you begin conscious eating and move into a powerful awakening of why you do what you do when it comes to food.  Not only have we personally been there, we have dedicated our professional careers to assisting women just like you.
That’s why we are proud to announce: 
Nourish Your Aliveness
There is a different way to EAT and more importantly, a different way to live.
Nourish Your Aliveness
In this dynamic program, you’ll discover that we bring all parts of ourselves into a meal, and addressing just the food you are eating is only one small part of a successful equation.

We know that there is a whole new way of living, which will give you a life you never thought possible when you break the cycle of overeating and food and body shame.
How would your life be different if you...
Let go of the guilt and shame and enjoyed your food and meal experiences?
Had a new level of confidence because you knew your body was strong and healthy?
Ended the battle with food 
and your weight once and for all?
Wouldn’t it be great to finally be free from all of that?
Nourish is the full formula for lasting change.
  • 30-minute Training Video that reveals our “secret process” only before shared with participants of our signature course (a $997 value)
  • Audio recording guiding you through a conscious eating experience that you can download onto your phone and use every time before you eat so you create results now.
  • Step-by step guide to conscious eating that you can print and carry around with you to use with meals-on-the-go.
  • Worksheet providing you with the 6 steps that will change how you understand and then deal with your food urges for good.
"As a psychotherapist who helps people establish a new relationship with food and with their bodies, the Aliveness Program is an essential component for anyone addressing these difficult concerns. The curriculum creates an educational experience whereby my patients have been able to integrate the knowledges gained with a deeper understanding of themselves."
        - Sammi Siegel, PhD, LMHC
Having a space where my food struggles were first validated and acknowledged was what immediately had my desire to trust the process. Coming together as a community with the support of experts and leaders created the perfect open space for my growth and healing to continue. I found myself within the first week recommending this program to a couple of friends.

As I learn to practice the steps of ALIVENESS, I am bringing this into my own community which creates also change and healing and that I am most interested in.  As a gesture of appreciation and gratitude I would always support the acts to spread the word about this program and its works. It works!  In trust, love and compassion I can reconnecting to my ALIVENESS!
        - Alina Serrano, Aliveness Graduate
Nourish You for only $27
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