Our Philosophy

The BE Program Co Founders - Dr Nardozzi and Dr May


By the time women make it over to us, we know that you have already been through so much. We know that you have tried multiple diets, programs, and strategies to lose the weight and get your food struggle under control, and certainly have spent countless hours upset about your body.

We understand the degree of this struggle, and this is exactly why we are so committed to giving you sustainable answers to this problem. 

While we know that this food struggle has been one of the toughest things you have ever gone through, there really is a hidden message coming from this behavior that we must get in to.

The way you are eating is an opportunity to get honest with yourself, but you have to put your focus and energy into going beyond the food and getting deeper into how you feel and why. Because it’s not just about what you are eating, it’s truly about what’s eating you.

What we feel in our lives most definitely carries over to how we eat; How we feel about who we are, how valuable we are, and how fully alive we are or are not carries over to how we eat.

We become tethered to food because it is the means by which we soothe our sorrows.

After 25 years of combined work in this field, we have been able to narrow down the six steps that you need to learn to truly transform this struggle and your life for good.

We teach our participants exactly how to Consciously Eat and exactly how to create an Intentional Life. These steps are guaranteed to have you step into your Aliveness, so you can take all the time back that you are spending stressing about food and your body, and turn it into more of what you want to be doing…living with Aliveness.

When you learn and master these six steps within a community setting, you will have a completely different relationship with food and your body on the other side!

But this is NOT a quick fix. It takes time and commitment, and it takes guidance from people who have been there.

Part of the reason you have not been successful before is because you have learned maybe just 1 or 2 of these 6 steps, but the secret is that you need to learn all 6 of them in unison to fully move forward.

You don’t need any more information about food or nutrition, you already know all of that!

But you do need more information about YOU and why you choose what you do, and these 6 steps are going to walk you through and guide you through to becoming an expert on YOU and your emotions so ultimately your eating can take a turn for the better.

To begin your journey with us right now, be sure to watch our 3 Part FREE Video Course so you can learn our proprietary 6 step formula for changing the way you eat right now: 

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