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The BE Program - Dr Stephanie May

Dr. Stephanie May, PsyD – Co-Founder

Growing up in a family that didn’t seem to “work,” I  have personally experienced the pain of emotional eating.  Seeking to fill the void I felt, I used food to try and feel “full” for many years within my young adult life.  Body shame, bingeing and over-exercising were my go-to methods until I entered grad school and knew I had to make a change.  I began the deep, inner work along with my clinical studies and became my first client, finally freeing myself from an unhealthy relationship with food and my body, as well as other unhealthy relationship patterns.  

With a Doctorate in Psychology and certified in IMAGO Relationship Therapy, I have a successful private practice in Coral Gables, Florida. For over a decade, I have helped people transform their relationship with food so they are confident catalysts in their own life.  Realizing that more people needed to experience the freedom and transformation I provide, I teamed up with Dr. Jen and am now dedicated to bringing our work to a larger, global audience.

I truly understand what it is like to search for a better, more effective way of living and I have  participated in a number of outside personal development experiences including backpacking the mountains of Colorado and attending experiential personal development workshops. Lastly, but primarily, I am a proud wife and mother of 2 boys, as well as a practicing Yogi…always continuing my spiritual journey, and dedicated to making difficult concepts simpler for others to understand.


The BE Program - Dr Jen Nardozzi

Dr. Jennifer Nardozzi, PsyD – Co-Founder

As for me, I grew up in an Italian household with an emphasis on food and eating. Being fed was how we showed love in my family. While I had a wonderful family who happened to love food, there was a mixed message of dieting, losing weight, and changing my body to be more acceptable.

These messages were never directed to me, but I can remember observing my mom who was always on a diet, trying to lose weight. In between pasta and homemade sauce and meatballs every Sunday, there were also Weight Watchers meals, and it made a significant impression on me. As I grew into a young woman, I knew there had to be a better way. I went on a spiritual journey of self-acceptance and self-worth and discovered the idea that the greatest fulfillment with life and with food comes from the inside out; listening to the wisdom of my own soul. I realized that the only “better way” was being healthy and loving to myself.  I stopped all dieting and committed myself to conscious eating and intentional living. 

On the professional side, I have a Doctorate in Psychology, and worked for over a decade treating those at The Renfrew Center, the first eating disorder center in the country along with being their national speaker on this topic.  I have a successful, private practice in Coral Gables, and love working with women who are ready to release the idea that they aren’t enough, so they can embrace the fullness of their lives.