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By The BE Program, LLC

Eating Disorders, disordered eating and issues connected to poor eating habits or overeating are very serious. All the information presented on this website is intended as an informational guide for educational and self growth purposes and is not meant to treat, diagnose, or prescribe any medical condition or psychological disorder. For any medical concern, physical symptoms, disease state or psychological issues, always consult with a qualified physician, psychotherapist, psychiatrist or appropriate health care professional. This website and the program it does not replace medical, psychiatric and psychological treatment and medication. The BE Program does not accept any responsibility for the physical and mental health of viewers and participants of the program or how they choose to use the information contained herein.

The information collected on this website is never sold, shared or divulged to anyone or any organization.

  • Your email address in comments or in email correspondence is not sold, shared or divulged to anyone or any organization.
  • Any medical or personal information shared in “Contact” emails or in forms you fill out is kept strictly confidential, and is not shared or divulged to anyone or any organization. Your information is erased when a communication is concluded.
  • Your identity, if known, is never revealed to any person or entity without your written permission. When using Facebook you are urged not to identify yourself with your full name if you want to protect your identity. You may create a Facebook account that is exclusively for your use while you attend this program. The BE program is not responsible if you use your personal account and your private information is revealed.
  • This site will respect the legal requirements of the State of Florida and the United States of America.

Some of our site tools use “cookies,” which are small files stored on your computer. They are used to help The BE Program, LLC analyze site usage to help improve this site, and are not available to any third party. These cookies do not store any personal information whatsoever, so your privacy is not violated by their use. For example, Google Analytics, which helps The BE Program, LLC determine the effectiveness of this site, uses cookies to tell whether you are a first-time or returning reader. If you do not want cookies stored on your computer, you may change your browser settings to refuse them.

If you have any questions concerning our privacy policies, please email The BE Program, LLC using the Contact tab at the top of each page.

Site Use/Medical Diagnosis

It is vital that you receive a formal medical diagnosis. The BE Program is designed for use by sufferers of a wide range of food and feeling conditions and may BE helpful in the elimination or management of other conditions where food, weight and emotions plays a part. Please do not attempt to self diagnose. Video testimonials on our websites may, in some cases, BE portrayed by actors. This is to protect the original identity of our clients and has been agreed by the provider of the words. The BE Program is intended for use by adults. Any information or advice passed to minors must BE the responsibility of a parent or guardian. The BE Program, LLC accept no responsibility for damages or injury to minors as a result of using The BE Program.