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How to help your clients get UNSTUCK

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Do you ever work with clients where it seems like you say the same thing over and over again, but no matter what, your client is still feeling very STUCK (and you are feeling STUCK with them?!).

This is not an uncommon experience even for seasoned, caring professionals (myself included at times!) when working with these amazing, and sometimes super challenging women!

This is exactly WHY we created The Aliveness Programs. *Next Program starts on November 6th!

We were finding that women with food and body issues were needing more than simply once a week outpatient services. They were isolated. They were struggling in secret. And yet, they didn’t need a treatment center either because they were still functioning in their lives, but somehow they just needed more to shift their food and body challenged…

They needed MORE….

  • “in the moment” support
  • guidance in-between sessions
  • community with people who get it!
  • insight into how to deal with their emotions
  • practical applications of nutrition in their meals

We decided to get together a team of seasoned professionals to begin brainstorming how to help these women, beyond once a week services and to think outside of the box….

And this is where Aliveness Programs was born.

WHO do we serve: Adult Women who are not new to food and body struggles and are motivated for this something MORE.

WHAT do we teach bottom-line: We teach women to distinguish their emotional hunger from their physical hunger, so they are not stuffing or starving their feelings.

In Aliveness Programs, participants learn how to effectively deal with their emotions and to nourish themselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Our aim is to teach women a new way to eat and a new way to live, so they are living in their full Aliveness!

HOW do we teach this: Our 6 week, comprehensive program teaches 6 principles of Conscious Eating using a multi-modal approach within a global community. So anyone from anywhere in the world, can access this program to get the help they need and deserve in their daily lives!

WHAT does a typical week look like:

  • 3 hours per week for 6 weeks, plus our follow-up maintenance program called Sustaining Your Aliveness.
  • Live, video conference every Monday at 8pm EST with Dr. Jen and Dr. May.
  • Step by step guidebook that walks them through each principle and every aspect of the program
  • Thursday 8pm conference call with Amy Jaffe, our expert Nutritionist.
  • Community forum moderated by the Aliveness Team so that participants receive in the moment help and interact with their community
  • Personalized peer mentorship from a graduate of the program to support participants through the program

COSTS for the 6 week program + Bonus Maintenance Program:

  • The tuition is only $997 or $166 per week for 3 hours of therapeutic services/per week for the 6 week program (*including Sustaining your Aliveness maintenance program.
  • Payment plans and option are available which include:
  • An option for a one-time payment of $997, 2 payments of $547, or 3 payments of $397 (paid over three months).

NEXT PROGRAM: Starts in two weeks on November 6th which is a great time for client especially struggle during the holiday times. Click Here for information on our Conscious Eating course!

We would love to speak to you further about the program, answer your questions, and speak with you about any of your client who may benefit from this program Click Here for more information.

With gratitude,

Dr. Jen & Dr. May

Co-Founders of Aliveness Programs

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