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Was it a Retreat or just a plain Treat?

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There are plenty of people who SAY they want to change their life.

How many of us truly ACT on those wishes?

We cannot even begin to express our excitement about the next six weeks with this amazing group of women who decided that RIGHT NOW was their time and committed to focusing on the 6 habits that we KNOW are vital to living their most Intentional Life.

We spent time not only digging into how we can positively move forward in our lives with Intention and Integrity, but also how the small things are where we can first be CONSISTENT.

Those small things then start to translate into larger successes. This message was showcase a few times throughout the retreat, as you can see below!

We want you to know that we are here to help you with the “small” things as well, like setting a routine with intention and doing something as simple as brushing your teeth, or putting on makeup, or even just doing your homework!  These do not seem like big deals, until they can add up.  And worse, if you see this in one area of your life, it is time to assess if that is the ONLY area of your life where this shows up.

So we ask you today: Where in your life are you NOT showing up at 100%?  And what can you do to change that starting today, or even tomorrow.  Reply or head over to our Facebook Page, give us a “Like” and let us know where you want to start showing up in your Day to Day life!

And if you KNOW that you feel like your light has been dimmed, let us help you shine courageously by scheduling a chat with one of us, or email us at to see how we can help you THRIVE in your own Aliveness.

To your Aliveness,

Dr. Jen and Dr. May

Founders of Aliveness Programs

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