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The Second Step You Need to Take a Quantum Leap!

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Have you been desperately struggling to overcome your food and body struggles?

Helping you identify and overcome those struggles is our entire purpose here at Aliveness: to help dig in and find the true reasons behind these struggles and the way to truly break free from them for good!

These problems go so much deeper than the common surface solutions.

In this second video, we will discuss another key part of our 6 step process:

Step 2) Presencing Emotional Awareness – This second step is about patience, and taking the time to dig in to the emotions that are present when you are eating. The food you are eating is NOT the solution that your emotions are looking for, there is a real solution, we just need to uncover it.

Take just a couple minutes to watch this second video, and let us help you on this Journey to Aliveness by scheduling your FREE consultation with Dr. Jen or Dr. May by CLICKING HERE!

Warmest Wishes,

Team Aliveness

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