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Seeking new Quantum Leaps for your clients?

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Working in the field of food and body struggles can be a bitter sweet arena.

On one hand, we attract outstanding clients who are bright, often insightful, and high achieving. But on the other hand, these people rarely see their own greatness and are often self sabotaging or hurting themselves in big ways. Many of our own clients and students report that their food and body struggles have them missing out tremendously in their lives and what pain there is in this!

As a professional team, we got sick and tired of watching these amazing souls consistently bumping up against these harmful patterns. Which is why we wanted to create a service and a program for people that gave them Quantum Leaps in their progress, so they can start living with Aliveness now…not later (because we all miss out when they are missing out).

In the Aliveness programs we see that a few elements are key: Structure, Support, and Community…and we offer all 3 of these elements in the comfort and convenience of a client’s own home, where they are most likely to struggle.

This means that when your client participates, they receive in the moment support on the days they are not in session with you.

Our programs are state of the art, and we continue to be the 1st program of its kind ONLINE.

Its such an opportunity to work with people in this way. Its so REAL.

And…. its producing results, as our participants are reporting an 85% improvement in their food and body struggles which are QUANTUM results in an often stubborn area.

We are quite proud of these results and know that our collaboration with you will yield great results for your clients, and inspiring work for you as well.

We don’t want to replace the wonderful services you offer, but rather seek your COLLABORATION.

Schedule a Call with the Founders of The Aliveness Programs here to discuss your questions or client referrals:

For Your Ease of Reference….

Top 5 reasons to do the Aliveness programs:

1) Our participants report an 85% improvement in their food and body challenges. See some of their testimonials here:

2) Convenience and Accessibility: These programs can be taken from anywhere in the world since they occur online (and we do have international students too!)

3) Led by experts in the field of food and body struggles, these programs are based on a 6 principle curriculum that sums up the most important concepts for you to know and integrate so that you achieve real results

4) Efficiency: what you receive in these courses will accelerate your progress tremendously. A great supplement to outpatient care.

5) Join a community of women from all over the globe. After your 6 week course, you remain a part of our graduate community as long as you would like, which means the support continues long after your course ends.


Dr. Jennifer Nardozzi and Dr. Stephanie May


Aliveness Programs

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