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The SIXTH and FINAL step in taking a Quantum Leap with your food!

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In this 6th video in our latest email series, Take a Quantum Leap with Your Food, we will not only tell you a little more about the 6th Step, but you will also hear how our programs have INSPIRED and HELPED two of our amazing graduates. Click the picture above to watch now!

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But, back to Step 6) Be Complete Now – This step will address one of the most important issues in women’s food struggles: the desire to over or under eat. This final step is a reminder that as you come to the end of a meal it is important to make sure that you are fully NOURISHING yourself in that experience, often beyond the physical.

We need to be nourished in so many different ways, including emotionally, which is why we teach our participants to check in with each part of themselves to really make sure that you are complete at the end of their meal.


Two of our graduates, Tracy and Riham, have both been in our programs since January, and are both about to start their 4th course with us. They have gained valuable insights and community from the courses and each has a different focus that had been important to them as they move through each course. But the common thread centers around CONNECTON, not just with the amazing community of other women going through the program, but with your AUTHENTIC self!

Take a look at our last video in this Take a Quantum Leap with Your Food series, with these two powerful testimonials, and take a moment and CLAIM YOUR CONSULTATION with one of our team members today!

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In Support of Your Journey,

Team Alive

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