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Step Five in taking a Quantum Leap with your food!

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We all want love in our lives, and to offer love in our lives, but we block ourselves from it all the time. How many times a day do you catch yourself making a negative statement about yourself?

“I should have thought of that.”

“Why can’t I ever be on time?”

“I’ve got to stop _____.”

The next time you catch yourself being negative about yourself, stop and turn it into a positive! If you are saying “I’m such a failure with food!”, stop and say to yourself “I am able to reshape my relationship with food!” That’s where today’s video and message comes into play!

Step 5) Let Love In: one of the top lesson learned by Dr. May from her mentor at the end of his career was to “Let Love In”. To overcome your food and body challenges, it really takes a lot of self-love.

Removing these barriers to love is so crucial to your road to Aliveness and we know that learning and practicing these principles in a community setting is so vital.

We have created the Aliveness community to help you do just that! If you are called to explore Aliveness more, we are hosting a LIVE webinar Monday, Oct. 23rd at 8pm EST and would love for you to join us by registering HERE!

And we also want to offer you a one on one call with a member of our team to figure out if this is the best fit for you, so don’t forget to CLAIM YOUR COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION!

With love,

Team Alive

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