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Step Four in Taking a Quantum Leap with Your Food!

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It is no secret that we are shaped by our past. Past experiences, past relationships, even simply our past environments, these all are a big part of what makes us the way we are today.

I heard a psychologist say, “We are behaving in this moment because of 90% of the influence of the past and just 10% being influenced by this moment now”. This is precisely where the 4th principle of conscious eating comes into play.

Step 4) Untethering the Past – We  want you to really dig into your history, dig into your life experiences, dig into your childhood, and really take a look at how you made sense of your world, relationships, yourself. You will be amazed to see how much these tethers effect your life now, especially the way you eat.

Once you are able to UNTETHER THE PAST, it is so much easier to eat for what your body needs, allowing you to eat for Aliveness!

Warmest Wishes,

Team Alive

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