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Turn Holiday Stress Into…

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Happy Holidays to each and every one of you and thank you for being a part of our Aliveness community.  Even though this CAN be a really fun and love-filled time of year, can we talk for just a second?

We know this season can often be one of not just joy and excitement but of sadness, frustration, and/or anxiety, among many more emotions. It is often very hard to FEEL like they are Happy Holidays.  But we also know that with a supportive community, expert guidance, and the Habits of Intentional Living, you have the ability to stop reacting to life and starting living the life you not only WANT, but the one you DESERVE.

We want to take this opportunity, knowing that many of you may be struggling this holiday season, to gift you the entire replay of our latest Intentional Living webinar from just a few days ago.  We not only cover the Intentional Living habits, but give practical advice on how to survive this entire Holiday Season, from a mental and physical perspective, and want to share this with you.

Video ThumbnailLearn more about Intentional Living and how it can revolutionize your life! Dr. Jen and Dr. May lead you through the habits, show you real life applications and reveal the opportunity to start living your own life with Intention! Watch NOW!

We know that giving is the real spirit of the season, but we often neglect ourselves and our needs in the process.  Almost every woman is guilty of “back burner-ing” themselves, often to their own detriment.  Self-care is the most important gift that you can give to not just yourself, but to the others in your life!  By taking time to focus, giving yourself grace, and setting intentions in your life, you are not only going to find more inner happiness, but may see significant improvement in your outer behavior and relationships.

Not only are we gifting you this webinar, but if you set up a quick chat with us before January 7th about your own Intentional Living (by CLICKING HERE), we are offering $250 off our program starting January 20th (and kicking off with an AWESOME 2-Day Retreat in warm, SUNNY Miami in the dead of winter!).  Watch the webinar replay and book a call TODAY to learn how to live your own life with intention and thrive in your own Aliveness!

Here’s to a happier holiday season,

Dr. Jen and Dr. May

Founders of Aliveness Programs

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